Connecting Bluetooth Devices To Your Mac

Would you like to use a wireless keyboard, mouse, or trackpad with your Mac? Bluetooth is a wireless technology that lets one connect various devices such as keyboards, mice, printers and speakers. The maximum range of Bluetooth is about 30 feet. People like the idea of Bluetooth devices since it reduces cable clutter. However, Bluetooth devices use batteries, so it becomes important to keep these in stock. Also, if you choose to use a bluetooth keyboard or mouse, I recommend that you have a spare old-fashioned wired, USB keyboard or mouse stashed in your closet in case the Bluetooth device ever acts up.

Here are some general instructions for connecting a Bluetooth device to your Mac: Read More

A MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Adapter Let’s You Use Your Old Power Adapter

Have you bought a new MacBook Air or Retina-Display MacBook Pro to replace your older MacBook? If so, you might have noticed that the power adapter that came with your new laptop has a thinner connector on it. The thinner connector is called a MagSafe 2 connector. Apple introduced these in 2012 as a replacement for its previous magnetic connector, MagSafe, introduced in 2006.  If you’d like to continue to use your older MagSafe power adapter you’ll need to buy the $10 MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adapter from Apple.

Macintosh Text Expansion Options

Do you type the same information into email messages or Word documents? If so, you would benefit from using a text expander. Text expanders let you create abbreviations then whenever the abbreviation is typed it inserts a word, phrase, sentence or paragraph that you designated. For example, you could create the abbreviation ‘addr. When you type ‘addr the abbreviation vanishes and your street address appears. Apple includes a basic version in OS X and iOS. If you need more features you can use a third party text expander. Read More