Apple Will Service Macs, iPhones and iPads For 5 Years

Did you know that Apple only services Macs, iPhones, iPad and iPod for 5 years? Apple uses the term vintage to describe products that have been discontinued for more than 5 years. An Apple support article states that “Vintage products are those that have not been manufactured for more than five years and less than seven years ago.” Once they hit the 7-year mark Apple refers to the product as obsolete. Read More

How To Hard Reset An iPhone Or iPad

Did your iPhone or iPad freeze and stop responding? If so, perform a hard reset. This procedure will fix many small issues. If your device continues to freeze then you may need to take more extensive measures, like performing a factory reset or taking it to the Genius Bar at an Apple Store.

Here are instructions on how to perform a hard reset:

  • Press and hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button on your device until your iPhone or iPad turns off and then displays the Apple logo as it starts up.

The Home button is the big round button on the front of your iPhone or iPad at the bottom of the display.

The Sleep/Wake button is located on the top edge of the most iPhones and iPads. However, starting with the iPhone 6, the button moved to the right edge of the iPhone.

Your iPhone or iPad should start up. Hopefully, it will work properly.

Use Your iPhone 6 With One Hand Using Reachability

Do you own an iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus or a 6S Plus? If so, use Reachability to make it easier to use the phone with only one hand. The iPhone 6 (or 6S) and iPhone 6 Plus (or 6S Plus) come with 4.7″ and 5.5″ screens, respectively. Apple added a feature named Reachability to make it easier to use these larger phones with only one hand. This feature is enabled by default, but it can be disabled. To invoke this feature double tap the Home button. Make sure you only use a gentle tap, don’t actually depress the Home button. When you invoke Reachability the entire screen shifts downward. The lower half disappears off-screen and the upper half is now within reach.  How handy! Read More

iPhone’s Control Center Let’s You Access The Flashlight, Calculator And More

Do you know you can access your iPhone or iPad’s Flashlight, Clock, Calculator, Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb feature and more with only two taps? All of these apps and features are available via the iOS Control Center. To quickly access the Control Center, tap on the Home button on the face of the device, then press your finger on the grey line that appears just above the Home button and simultaneously slide your finger up. You’ll lift a curtain to reveal the Control Center. Use the image below as a guide.

iOS Lock Screen button for Control Center

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Quickly Access Your iPhone Camera

Will you be taking photos with your iPhone or iPad this holiday season? If so, here is the fastest way to access your device’s camera. Press the Home button on the face of the iPhone. Do you see the camera icon in the lower right corner? Press on this icon and simultaneously slide your finger towards the top of the screen. You will see a visual effect which makes it appear as though you are lifting a curtain to reveal the camera. Use the image below as a guide. Voilà, you’re able to use the camera. It’s that easy.

iOS 8 lock screen with camera icon

Enable Find My iPhone

If you own an iPhone make sure your Find My iPhone feature is enabled. Find My iPhone is one of the services offered by Apple’s iCloud service. The Find My iPhone feature helps you locate your iPhone, lock it and potentially erase it. Best of all, Find My iPhone is a theft deterrent since this feature makes your phone essentially useless to anybody else. However, all of these benefits require that you enable this feature before the iPhone gets misplaced or stolen. Read More

Put Emergency Contact Information On Your iPhone’s Lock Screen

Do you have emergency contact information entered in your iPhone’s address book? If so, you might want to add this information to your iPhone’s lock screen so first responders can get this info easily. About 10 years ago, first responders, like paramedics and fire fighters started to encourage everybody to add a record to their cell phone’s address book titled ICE. ICE stands for In Case of Emergency. Your ICE record should list contact information your next of kin so first responders can contact them. If your iPhone is locked with a passcode then your address book would likely be inaccessible by first responders. Thus, it’s recommended that you put your ICE info on your iPhone’s lock screen.  Read More

How To Restore A Time Machine Backup On To A New Hard Drive

At some point, everyone will experience a hard drive failure.  When this happens, a Time Machine backup can save your data.  Here are instructions on how to restore all applications and personal files from a Time Machine backup onto a new hard drive. Time Machine is a backup application made by Apple. It comes bundled with every Mac that shipped with OS X 10.5 or higher. It can be used to backup the contents of your Mac’s internal hard drive to an external hard drive or to an Airport Time Capsule. I’ve written previously about the importance of backups and how to set up and monitor Time Machine. The restore process requires you to first install OS X onto the new hard drive and then restore everything from your most recent Time Machine backup.

(If you’re looking for instructions on how to restore an entire Time Machine backup on to a new Mac read this.)

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