Nest Earphone Case Prevents Tangled iPhone Earphones

Are you tired of untangling knotted up earphones? If so, check out Digital Innovations’ Nest earbud case. The Nest is an innovative and affordable way to store your earphones (aka earbuds) in a tidy manner. A few months ago, I bought a Nest for $10 and love it. I’ll attempt to describe the Nest in words, but you’ll get a better understanding by watching this 20 second video. The Nest is made of flexible rubber. You flip back the outer lip of the case, then tuck the earbuds into the core of the spool. Next, wrap the earbud cord around the outside of the spool and then snap the outer lip closed. You end up with a neat package that can be slipped into your bag. To extract your earbuds, you simply grab the earbuds and pull them straight up. The cord unwraps from the spool and you’re ready to use your earbuds. I’ve seen a lot of cord wrap devices, but this one is really clever. Check it out.

Backups Don’t Exist Unless You Test Them

This week’s Tech Tip is a cautionary tale.

Backups Don’t Exist Unless You Test Them. This adage may not make immediate sense to you, but let me explain. It is extremely important to test your backups by actually restoring one or more files. If you don’t know that you can successfully restore a file from your backup, then you don’t know if you really have any backup copies of your data at all. I was recently reminded of this adage when an acquaintance lost all of her email messages and a client came close to losing all his data. Let me elaborate.

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Learn More About the Strength of Your Mac’s Wireless Connection

Would you like to know more about the strength of your Mac’s wireless (Wi-Fi) connection? If so, hold down the Option key and click on the Wi-Fi menu located near the clock in the upper right corner of your Mac’s screen. You’ll notice that additional details about your currently selected wireless network are displayed. I should mention that Apple added these details in Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6. If your Mac is using an older version of OS X, you won’t see the additional details. Here’s a brief explanation about some of these details. Read More