Monitoring Your iPhone’s Battery Usage?

Are you surprised at how quickly your iPhone’s battery is drained? Do you think your iPhone’s battery drains more quickly than it used to? Clients often express these concerns to me. In turn, I show them Scotty Loveless’ excellent article from mid-2014 about iOS Battery Life. It teaches you how to monitor your device’s battery and determine which apps are causing your iPhone or iPad’s battery to drain. It also offers a slew of tips to help reduce battery drain and suggests if you think you really have a problem with your iPhone’s battery to visit the Genius Bar to have them test the battery. Read More

Put Your Commonly Used Wireless Networks At The Top Of The List

Do you know that your Mac automatically builds a list of every wireless network to which it has been connected? When your Mac wakes up, it scans the airwaves to see which networks are available and then runs through this list of known networks trying to find a match. For this reason, you should make sure that networks that you frequently use, such as your home and work networks at the top of this list. By putting frequently used networks at the top, your Mac will find them and connect to them a bit more quickly. Read More

Equip Your Next Mac With Enough Memory

If you’re soon going to be buying a Mac, please make sure you equip it with enough memory (RAM) when you buy it. Increasingly, Apple is soldering memory into the computer. The advantage of doing this is that computer cases can be thinner. The disadvantage is that it will no longer be possible to add more memory at a later date, which used to be a very common upgrade. Consequently, I increasingly recommend buying a custom-configured Mac that has enough storage space and memory instead of a pre-configured, off-the-shelf Mac.  Read More

How To Recycle Styrofoam In Seattle

Do you have styrofoam peanuts or large blocks of styrofoam that you’d like to recycle? I order a lot of computer products online and unbox a lot of new computers that clients have bought. For many years, I’ve dropped off styrofoam peanuts at my neighborhood shipping company, Sip and Ship in Ballard. Many neighborhoods have private shipping stores or a FedexOffice store that I would assume would be happy to receive this material. It’s been tough to find options for recycling large blocks of styrofoam, but I’ve found some. Read More

Use Adware Medic To Remove Genio and Other Adware

Is your web browser acting oddly all of the sudden? Do funny windows pop-up showing you ads? Do your Google searches look weird? If so, you might have inadvertently installed some adware on your Mac. Over the past 6 months, I’ve seen a rash of Macs infected with adware. Adware is software that makes ads pop-up in your web browser. The good news is Thomas Reed, of The Safe Mac, has created a great application, AdwareMedic (donations encouraged), which can be used to remove most adware from your Mac. Use these instructions to download a copy of AdwareMedic and scan your Mac. Read More

What Is DNS And Why Should You Care? Part 2

Last week’etup Tech Tip covered the basic functionality of the DNS system and introduced us to the most common DNS records: NS, MX and A records. This week’s Tech Tip covers my DNS management tips to avoid common pitfalls and problems. Many businesses use one company for the following services:

  • registering their domain name
  • hosting their DNS records
  • hosting their email accounts and web site

I don’t recommend doing this. Instead, I recommend using at least two different companies, sometimes more. At a minimum, I think every business should use one company to register their domain name and to host DNS records. Then use a second company to host email accounts and the web site. Read More

What Is DNS And Why Should You Care? Part 1

Do you know what DNS stands for? It stands for Domain Name System. I believe that small business owners should know what DNS stands for and understand the basics of what the Domain Name System does. Understanding DNS is important because it determines if you can receive emails and if your web site is visible to the world. Anytime you ask an employee or contractor to make changes that’ll affect your DNS records, you want to get reassurances from this person that they know what they are doing.

In Part 1 of this Tech Tip, I’ll review basic DNS functionality and terminology. In Part 2, I’ll offer my DNS management tips to avoid common pitfalls and problems. Even if you aren’t a small business owner, I think you’ll find this overview of the DNS system useful.

Read More

Comcast Now Offers IMAP Email Accounts

Do you use a Comcast email account? If etupo, you might be interested to know that Comcast email accounts are now IMAP-enabled. IMAP refers to the way your email application, such as Apple Mail, interacts with the mail server. IMAP offers more sophisticated email management if you access your email account using multiple computers, tablets or smartphones. (Read this previous Tech Tip about IMAP if you’d like to learn a bit more.) Comcast started to support IMAP around the end of 2013.

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