How To Search Your Entire Mac’s Hard Drive

Did you know that Apple’s built-in search tool called Spotlight doesn’t search the entire hard drive? There are good reasons why Apple does this (which I won’t go into now), but there are also times when you want to be able to search the entire hard drive. When I’m troubleshooting a problem on a client’s Mac, I often need to search through various folders that Spotlight doesn’t search. I use Devon Technologies’ EasyFind or Thomas Tempelmann’s Find Any File.

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How To Set Gmail As Your Mac’s Default Email Client

Do you use Gmail? When you click an email link on a web site does Apple Mail or some other email client open? If so, you should follow these instructions to make Gmail your default email client. I’ve provided instructions for the 3 most widely used web browsers: Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Follow the instructions listed for the browser you use. Read More

A Cautionary Tale About Why You Shouldn’t Use Dropbox For Backup

This week’s Tech Tip is a cautionary tale. Using Dropbox as your sole backup can be dangerous. I recently became aware of an incident that occurred in the summer of 2014. A user of the free version of Dropbox lost about 8000 files related to his PhD dissertation due to a bug in Dropbox’ Selective Sync feature. This web page provides the full story if you’d like to know the details. Read More

Entering your SMTP Password in Apple Mail

When you reset or change your email account password, you have to enter the new password two places in your email account configurations in Mail to continue receiving email with the application. The first place is in the incoming mail settings. The second place is in the outgoing (SMTP) mail settings. Locating these outgoing settings is not obvious, so I’m frequently asked how to change SMTP settings. Here are instructions for changing your password in the outgoing settings if you use Apple’s Mail application on your Mac, iPhone or iPad.  Read More

Restarting Fixes A Variety Of Problems

Restarting fixes a variety of problems. It’s true! You might have heard the adage, When in doubt, restart or if you’ve ever called for computer support you’ve likely been asked Have you tried restarting yet? I know I ask my clients this question almost daily. If you’re having a problem with a device, please restart it. This is true for computers, iPhones, printers, wireless routers, as well as other devices. When you’re having a problem, restart any or all of your associated devices. Restarting almost never causes problems and it commonly fixes them. Restarting can also be used as a way to prevent problems.

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